For each task, there is an application on the PlayStore or App store that makes it much easier to get the task done. But there are some applications that are of extreme importance to you making it much easier for you to manage your daily tasks with ease. So let us discuss some categories of applications that can become handy in managing your daily tasks.

Some Types Of Applications You Should Have On Your Device

Some primary application categories are listed below which can help you to manage your daily tasks more effectively.

Document Scanning Application

A document scanning application is a must as it allows you to scan documents and store them in your device and use them whenever needed. These documents can include your identity cards and multiple other documents which you need to store or share. These documents are stored in high-quality formats( Jpeg and Pdf) with advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.

Suggestion: Adobe Scan

Smart Notes Application

When you forget to do something important while you had free time is the biggest regret because your work has just piled up. For saving yourself from such regrets you should use a notes app that would provide reminders making it easier for you to check your device and know that you have a pending task. 


A grammatically correct statement can have a wonderful effect on the reader so it’s important that you must use Grammarly for emails and text messages. Grammarly provides you with suggestions to make your sentence grammatically correct and expressive based on the chosen tonality. 

Screen Time Usage Application

This application would surely reduce your screen time as when at the end of the day you would check your screen time and it would be 7-8 hours then you would realize that you have used 1/3rd of your day on your device. This develops an approach in the user’s mind to reduce device usage and regular screen time monitoring can have a great effect.

Expense Tracking

There is a big smile on your face when your salary gets credited at the beginning of the month and by the mid of the month, you realize that a major share of your salary has been used up. You are unable to understand where you spent your money. So an expense tracking application allows you to keep a track of your expenses and deduce the field in which you have made maximum expenses. 

Some Optional But Useful Applications

News Application

A news application has multiple benefits as it keeps you updated with the latest news in a short content format which saves you time and allows you to be informed.

Suggestion: Inshorts, Twitter (trending hashtags and news), Prominent newspaper applications 


Some applications provide the option to save offline maps allowing you to quickly find your way if you are lost. These maps can turn out to be pretty handy while traveling and your phone is unable to catch signals. 

Music Or Mind Soothing Apps

These applications are most suitable for a short break as you can seek music or soothing melodies which would relax your mind and work with enhanced focus. 


These applications have multiple benefits and they keep you updated with your daily chores allowing you to complete multiple tasks with ease. There can be various other applications too based on your requirements and usage, so you can minimize your usage and optimize your working with such efficient applications. 

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