5 Reasons Why Configurators Would Boost Your Business

If your inbox is still spammed with customer requirements for customized products and you are unable to provide them with the required services then maybe you are lacking an innovative approach. Get configuration software for your business, integrate it with your sales tool and let your users enjoy the wonders of developing a customized product.

What are configurators?

Configurators are tools that provide multiple features and functionalities making it easier for users to design a customized product and share their requirements with the company. Later a personalized quote is prepared based on their design.

Benefits Of Using Configurators

Various issues are faced by companies during product display, these issues are listed below with an explanation of how configurators solve them with ease.

• Optimized design

There are various components of a design that focus on different aspects of the process and each customer has a different requirement. So a client wants the optimized design for a product that would help him focus on a particular aspect, if a company offers configuration options on their mobile phones then it can range from RAM, and memory to the camera. If a user wants a mobile phone for gaming then he would prefer a device with higher RAM configurations which would be the most optimized product design for him.

• Error-free working

When a customer asks for a customized product then the request is transferred to the design department and they start working on the most efficient design. Once the design is prepared then it is shared with the logical/operation department which would figure out its working and if the design isn’t compatible with the workflow then it would result in an error. So configurators reduce these errors as the company could set design and operations rules which would save time and effort in laying out a blueprint.

• Versatility with all possible product configurations

As per a survey people tend to prefer places with more options as it offers them more choices and this is the key to gaining customers. If you are offering your customers a big catalog then they would prefer your business but it would take a lot of time to go through them. Configurators sort this thing out by providing versatility and specifying your requirements which filters out all other options from the list.

Offering customized products lets you win customer loyalty as customers can rely on you for other customizations and services.

• Enhanced Customer Service

If you have to define the most efficient customer service in one line then it would be a service that makes customers happy. When you are able to provide a customer what he needs with then he is a happy customer, so this is the best possible way to level up your customer service with a simple tweak.

This tool is easily synced with your sales tool which allows the proper display of your existing products along with an option to customize the required product.

• Easy BOM and Quotes

It is tough for teams to prepare customized Bill Of Material based on customer requirements as they have to go through each requirement and analyze expenses incurred while producing it. But configuration software is integrated with advanced features of Easy BoM and Quote generations which makes it easier for companies to generate personalized quotes.


Though there are multiple configuration software in the market still users face multiple issues in providing their customers with quality service. So XorLabs has developed the most advanced configurator called XMF (Xor Modelling Framework) which is integrated with multiple functionalities and tweaks of user engagement that enhance experience and work quality. The core approach of this tool is to provide reliability and efficiency to users, so it can be easily integrated with sales tools making it much easier to simplify orders and generate quotes.

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