Have you ever told anyone that you read about a particular brand on my LinkedIn and noticed that a great number of people were interacting with them so it looks like a credible brand? This is the first step where your brand is able to establish a customer base for itself. So let us understand the potential of LinkedIn which would allow you to bring in new customers. 

What issues were faced by Customers due to inefficient LinkedIn Marketing?

Social Media is a modern-day marketing tool that is free of cost and has the highest potential if you are able to use it in an effective manner.


When your potential customer searches for your name on Google and when he looks at a list of accounts on multiple platforms then it displays credibility. This is the first step and if he clicks on your product website then your social media marketing has given its fruits. But the customer was unable to provide reference to its case studies and testimonials.

Brand Value

When you have a regular audience that reacts to your post then it means that your brand is slowly making its name in the market. Now when they will see mentions of your product or they would hear recommendations then you are a step closer to getting a new client. But due to low visibility on social media platforms, the client was unable to reach out to new clients.


The majority of the advertising budget goes into social media marketing as you need to make sure that people are aware of your new product hitting the market. But the client was unable to organize campaigns and generate conversions. 

How XorLabs catered to the finest LinkedIn Marketing Service?

Xorlabs is a leading marketing technology consulting company that continues to provide its clients with reliable services and with their LinkedIn Marketing service we have done some incredible projects.


LinkedIn Marketing 

(Profile Optimization, Authority Building, Network Expansion, and Creatives)


Plastic Moulding Manufacturing plant 

How Xorlabs Implemented the work?

We implemented the project in small daily modules which made it easier for us to reach our goal with ease. 

  • We checked for the most potential customers and sent connection requests to them with highly engaging messages which displayed remarkable results.
  • We optimized LinkedIn Bio, post, and content for maximum engagement.
  • We sorted the target audience which allowed us to increase conversions and engagement on every post.
  • Our daily post feature at first showed massive engagement and then a little low and in the end, we had a regular and loyal audience.

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