XORLABS™ is an international software consulting company with offices in Niwot, Colorado and Noida, India. We offer a full range of technology consulting services encompassing all aspects of software design and development. We have rich depth of experience in mapping our client’s business needs to the appropriate technical products and services.

Over the years, our team members have developed successful applications for global leaders such as HP, Sun, NCR, IBM, Dodge, Idera and Avaya. Our journey with these leading companies, across the globe, has helped us overcome the challenges involved in helping our clients and partners meet their business requirements and increasing their revenue. We have shaped our company to be in a unique position to provide best practices with forward looking design and direction. As a team, we work with the goal of customer success, and we use this goal to drive our implementations - beyond the requirements, to realized value and ROI.

Our team maintains technical expertise in diverse areas of desktop and web applications. With a customer service frame of mind and a self-driven, process oriented approach, our team makes each and every project a success story regardless of scope and complexity.

Since its inception, XORLABS™ has seen growth in clientele associations and our valuable team members to become a fast, emerging leader in the challenging technology consulting arena.

Our Vision

Our vision omits many of the typical statements about company growth and industry leadership. Instead, as a small company, our culture is built around customer success, and this will remain consistent as the company grows. Our philosophy is that new opportunities are created through successful implementations. This philosophy has made XORLABS™ a reliable consulting company, and we will continue to advance our evolution into the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is tied directly to our client's success through realized value and ROI for every project we undertake.