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One of Asia’s largest Training & Coaching Companies, which has been in the industry for the last 15 years, helps entrepreneurs build a scalable and profitable business. They reached out to us for support in their website development. They were facing challenges in finding the right skills and resources for their website development so that they can complete their development work quickly. With XOR’s competent resources, they were able to complete their website development work in an efficient and timely manner, which helped them enhance the overall user experience of the website and implement a fully responsive website in WordPress CMS.


4 Senior Team Members

Year 2020 –  Till Present (Managing all the Digital Assets of the Company)

WordPress CMS

Business Consulting and Services


Website Development


Client is an Asia’s leading business coaching and consulting firm that believes in helping small and medium business owners build profitable and scalable businesses. They have been in the industry for the last 15 years, carefully studying the needs of business owners and developing strategies that help them create businesses that are both profitable and scalable! Their team of diverse, high functioning coaches have successfully handheld over 1800 businesses across 5 countries, through our one to one coaching system.



  • Enhancing the overall user experience of the website.
  • Implement a fully responsive website in WordPress CMS.
  • Seamless and streamlined user experience across the website with clear navigation and CTAs throughout.
  • Navigation and content relationships between the Training, Coaching, and Research sections.
  • Make a website that could rank in search engines.
  • Absence of customer engagement and interaction with the business.
  • Increase in page views


  • In order for the site to properly converse and spread important information to all of the appropriate audiences in a clear,
  • In an effective way, the site’s architecture and navigational system needed to be set right.
  • To ensure that the website met the client’s specific brand standards, the design needed contemporary design elements to stay unique and engaging.
  • A prototype of the landing page of the website was made first followed by coaching and training sections. Pages were created for each of the landing pages to ensure it is perceived in the same way by the visitors. CTA buttons were placed as per user’s navigation.
  • The website has been transformed into an exciting place for users to drop in and get the latest information on training, coaching, in-depth research and lots more.

How We Made It

  • Ensured that the website met the client’s specific brand standards.
  • Presented them with a clean, fresh and extremely well designed website.
  • Increased performance speed of the website.
  • Hosted the website on the Hostgator platform.


    • Implemented a fully responsive website in WordPress CMS.
    • Managed the hosting of the website.
    • Tested the performance of the website.
    • 95% Speed Performance
    • 44% increase in page views
    • 21% decrease in bounce rate


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