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One of the Payment System giant software Company reached out to us for support in their product development. They were looking for the right technical resources with experience in their domain for their product development. They were looking for a team who can design the Architecture of their Payment System and be able to implement that from scratch and provide support for their existing projects. XOR provided them with the well equipped and skilled resources which not only helped them in completing that project but also providing support to enhance its features and other developments.

Project Outline

4 Senior Team Members

Jan 2021 – July 2022

Jan 2018 – July 2022



Payment System


The client is a US Payment software company that provides Payment software solutions to its clients. The firm was founded in 2002. The company has a revenue of 12 Million USDs.


  • The client wanted to develop a new Payment System from scratch to merge their several existing projects and also enhance features in their existing projects.
  • Client was looking for a Team who can work on building the architecture and handle the team by defining systems and processes at the same time.
  • Client was not able to find the trusted talent pool to execute their requirements.
  • It was a Payment System domain on which the application was supposed to be built and in this a small mistake can be a huge loss. Hence, the client was struggling to find the specialist resources.

How We Made It

  • Provided 3 Senior Software Engineers, 1 Architect, and 1 Technical Manager to become the client’s extended team.
  • Technical skills offered were C#, REST APIs, Microsoft SQL Server, Laravel, VueJs, Bootstrap.
  • Mastered the business domain quickly within a limited time period.
  • Setup Agile Methodology across all of their projects.
  • Started managing different teams across different streams.
  • Helped in setting up:
    1. Gitflow Workflow
    2. Branch Management
    3. Pull Request Management
    4. Code Conflict Resolutions


    • SaaS based solution was deployed efficiently.
    • Additional revenue was generated by the client by onboarding 4 new clients on the SAAS platform.


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