XOR Configurator

XOR Configurator is a sales configurator designed to solve complex configuration problems. XOR Configurator provides a framework to automate product configuration. It can be integrated with existing sales tools to complete automation of the configurable sales quotation process. It also provides an interactive user interface (question/answer based) that makes it easy for users to provide required input.

What industries can it support?

Configurators can support any manufacturing industry where there is scope of customization. From customizing T-shirts to customizing automobiles. As the complexity of customization increases (more options to choose from and more possible combinations) the configurators become more relevant.

  • Manufacturing industry with customized products
  • E-commerce sites selling customized products (Clothing/shoes etc)
  • Body Shops (Automobile)
  • Hardware


What are the benefits of XOR Configurator?

  • Very fast processing of even the most complex configuration problems.
  • Able to support very large configuration designs as it uses 64-bit architecture.
  • Provide flexibility to ad-hoc change business rules.
  • Provides Unit test framework to test implementation of each business rule.
  • Possible to integrate with existing sales tools via web APIs.

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