Staff Augmentation

The last thing you need to worry about is hiring a team to work for you when you have a big project looming ahead. By selecting staff augmentation services, you can easily concentrate on the big picture and your company’s objectives while getting the assistance you need on a scalable, per-project basis.

Businesses of all sizes rely on augmented staffing to complete tasks for a diverse range of reasons, including flexibility, price, and efficiency. Changing to an augmented staffing model has some unexpected advantages.

Staff augmentation model prevents you from incurring increased operating costs of permanent hiring and aids in the expansion of smaller businesses without being restricted by the market’s high demand for salaries.

If you want to hire skilled professional(s) for a limited time or on a project basis then we have the best proposition for you. We help our clients make their hiring process effective by offering the right model of resource allocation.

We offer staff augmentation services for critical IT roles.

When Do We Recommend It?

  • When you’re hiring for a Limited Time
  • Project has Budget constraints
  • Limited / No resource(s)
  • Need better Structure to manage technical teams
  • Geographical boundaries

Process Simplified

Get on-boarded in 48 hours

Deliverable you will get

  • Detailed Scope of Work pertaining to work areas
  • Skilled Manpower as per Agreement.
  • Monthly Timelines with updated goals
  • Replacement Policy: we replace incase of long term unavailability of assigned resources.
  • Constant monitoring and review of work to ensure Quality being delivered
  • Dedicated Account manager : to ensure smooth delivery and timely redressal of challenges.

Benefits of staff augmentation model

  • Quality Work with better efficiency
  • Cost effective. Reduce your personnel and tax expenses
  • Easy to scale and easy to reduce operational cost
  • Evert stage in control
  • Unbiased opinion
  • Get experienced and skilled professionals onboarded. Reduce training and hiring costs.
  • Cut costs without sacrificing quality
  • Save time. Save Money.

Your Business. Our Team.

Our skilled resources bring the best results for your organization’s growth.

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