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Technology is one of the key components for accelerating growth, automating and streamlining business processes. At Xor, we offer tailor-made solutions such as Custom Software Development, infrastructure development, Digital Marketing services and many more to meet your business needs. Our Dedicated Team helps you in understanding the current challenges and the best suited solutions.


Any company will prefer Custom Software Development over the Ready Made applications or COTS (Commercial Off-the-shelf Softwares) if they are aware of succeeding reasons:

Customised Products

  • Works better for your specialised needs.
  • Focused and dedicated to your product work-flow processes.
  • Non- generic. Faster Responses. Better results.

Pocket Friendly

  • Why to pay for unnecessary features which do not solve your purpose.
  • Pay for ONLY what you need.
  • Economical and Customisable.
  • You don’t need to upgrade to higher versions of COTS to resolve your challenges

Phased Development Approach

  • What is important to you, important for us as well. Software development as per your business needs. Prioritise the crucial business requirements which can be implemented first.
  • No Licence Model. You own your product. Your users may increase without any hustle to upgrade subscriptions.

Easy Development & easy to Scale up

  • We design your software in such a manner that it is easy to add features, users and many more when your business expands.
  • We map your business requirements with the approach of getting minimal efforts to upgrade.

Better Efficiency. Increased Revenue.

  • The more you find your business processes smooth, the more you will generate revenue.
  • As your focus will be only in serving your clients better, not on removing the clutter you deal with.

We take care of all your IT needs under one roof and build successful projects, businesses can rely on.


There can be multiple development methodologies that can be used like DevOps, Agile or Waterfall depending upon the needs.


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