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We’re committed to ensuring that your software is reliable, functional, and efficient. Our certified QA engineers and security professionals work with your team to help you improve performance, minimize risk, and maximize development resources. We thoroughly plan test automation solutions and define areas for improvement.

QA is an investigative process that informs stakeholders about the quality of an application. Businesses around the world trust us to test, monitor, and maintain their most critical digital products and systems. Our QA team works with you to ensure the flawless work of your software.

Testing Range that defines your business

Manual / Functional Testing

This type of testing is performed by developers who use their expertise to ensure that the application functions properly and that any bugs are identified and resolved.

Automated Testing

An automated tester can run a program or script on a system to see if it performs as expected or not. This is sometimes combined with manual testing, but they are separate activities.

Performance Testing

Performance testing involves running a program or script on a system and observing its response time, number of errors, data throughput speed and other factors.

Database Testing

Database testing involves comparing two databases for similarities and differences between them, so that you can determine whether your database will work as expected in your application environment.

Major Issues We Resolve

A. Requirement gathering

It is hard to provide functional training to the people before developing or implementing any application. At Xorlabs, we work hard to understand the requirements first to make the right model for your product specification. We suggest the best economical and scalable layout to prompt your business growth.

B. Undefined Quality Standards

Software products tend to comply with quality requirements when the standards are clearly defined. Unfortunately, perfectly defined quality standards are not always the case which makes testing a real challenge. When there is no clarity on testing requirements, specifications, guidelines, or right standards, it becomes extremely difficult for the testers to satisfy customer needs or meet their quality requirements, and to comply with regulations. We dedicate our resources to work on client’s priorities and needs, to come up with the right quality standards they want to offer their target audience.

C. Communication issues

QA Engineers often feel the communication gap with the development team as client’s quality parameters remain undefined. We specifically take care of this concern from the start to avoid any ambiguous situation.

Rigorous testing QA automation reduces cost, promotes faster troubleshooting, and gives confidence in the 100% quality of the solution. It gives you a better sense of how well your solutions perform in the real world.

Why You Need A QA Expert

  • Accelerates Development
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Security
  • Eliminates Risks
  • Better Efficiency and Accuracy

QA Testing Process

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