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XOR built a Process Automation and resolved a major hurdle related to the application deployment process for a client which allowed the client to release software as per their requirements. This helped increase revenue flow and reduce time spent on support tickets due to issues in deployment.

Project Outline

Team: 4 Expert

Time: July 2012 – Dec 2012

Platform: InstallShield, Batch/Ant scripting, ASP.Net MVC

Industry: Telecommunication

Country: The United States of America

Services: Product Development on a Fixed Time / Fixed Cost Basis

The Client

An American multinational technology company headquartered in Durham, North Carolina specialising in cloud communications and workstream collaboration solutions. The client power more than 90% of Fortune 100 firms along with:-

  • 19 of the world’s top 20 major banks
  • The top 10 insurance companies
  • The world’s top 10 car manufacturers
  • More than 4,800 educational institutions worldwide
  • 80% of the world’s largest hotels and motels
  • 8 of the world’s 10 leading health services companies
  • More than 5,800 healthcare institutions around the world


The client was primarily struggling with the manual deployment process of the software for the individual user. The process was prone to errors and hiccups. In addition, they did not have a technically sound team to automate the deployment process through software engineering. These challenges did not allow the client to release multiple software parallelly, leading to a low conversion rate and reduced revenue flow.

Expected Solution

Apart from the challenges mentioned above, Xorlab’s technical team faced another challenge the absence of appropriate documentation and overall understanding of the regular required updates and the legacy software.

The client was in dire need of software engineering and upgrading from thor legacy software to automate the entire deployment process. This would, in turn, help the client to increase the revenue flow and reduce the time spent on support tickets raised due to deployment issues.

Keeping the limitations in mind, Xorlab technical team including software developers, the back-end development team and the front-end development team sat together to comprehend the challenge and find the right solution within a speculated timeframe.

  • Xorlabs analysed the existing system in record time and documented the process for future clarity. The team leveraged InstallShield and ant/Batch scripts to read and understand the legacy software seamlessly within 6 hours of the project commencement.
  • We engineered an automated deployment process that was impeccable, offered a simpler user interface and ensure rapid growth automatically.
Core Values

Our Solution & Procedure


The client was able to roll out software releases when required. This primarily solved the basic deployment issue that the client was facing. It helped the client to optimise its company’s revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, it become simpler for their users to update the software as it all become automated and did not require any manual attention.