IT Staff/Team Augmentation Services

Scale your existing team’s ability to deliver development projects at a rapid pace with precision and talent. Hire an extended team of software developers to accelerate your software development lifecycle and build sustainable digital solutions for your clients.

Our Clientele

Fortune 500 companies and brands have picked Xorlabs as their trusted software development partner for their brands’ digital transformation

Leverage IT Staff Augmentation Service

At Xorlabs, we aim to offer our clients a vast pool of dedicated home-grown software developers who bring excellent skills and years of experience to the table. Our dedicated software developers are subject matter experts who can seamlessly handle several IT project requirements to increase businesses’ productivity and ROI.

Why IT Staff Augmentation Services?


Saves Time

Staff augmentation service firms can save their precious time, effort, and money on interviewing, onboarding, and training new employees to perform the required task.


Reduces Product’s Time-to-Market

Companies can reduce the time involved in meeting the staffing need exponentially ensuring the project is completed prior to the original timeline to reduce the product’s time-to-market.


Industry Experts On Board

It allows clients to onboard industry experts as and when required which will behave like an extended arm for the existing development team.


Brings Flexibility & Team Scalability

It ensures firms can work with a flexible team of experts who can be onboarded and deboarded at any time of the project reducing the overall cost involved.


Expands Development Capacity

IT Staff Augmentation enable businesses to increase their development capacity pertaining to ever-changing market circumstances and project changes.


Reduces Operational Cost

Businesses can manage business growth hassle-free by reducing operational costs or administrative burdens with IT Staff Augmentation.

Why Choose Our Extended Team of Experts?

Our extended team of professionals is home-grown developers who work on multiple IT projects with agile methodology. Each developer goes through extensive training in learning new technologies from industry experts to incorporate them into their existing technology stack. While the market is changing, so is the traditional way for our developers to perform, develop and test new software products.

Get an expert extension of your in-house development team


Our Technology Stack

Our technology team understands the value of skill, talent, and learning, therefore, our dedicated technology team keeps itself updated with a pool of IT frameworks and software development languages.

Agile Working Methodology

To offer our clients impeccable service by sticking to the industry’s best practices pertaining to software product development, regular task delivery, task management, and talent acquisition.



Software development team

Development Engineers

Weekly Reports with Software Demo

Program Manager 

Project Manager

Monthly Reports & Discussion

Business Lead & Delivery Manager

Director of Software Development

Weekly/Monthly Reports with Demo & Prescribed Amendments

Engagement Model

Whether you are looking to extend our team for a particular project or for long-term software development, with Xorlabs by your side, you can effortlessly extend your team faster with our engagement models.

1. Project-based Model

The project-based model is designed to offer Xorlabs’ clients an expert resource for a specific project only.

2. Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated team engagement model is designed to offer clients professional industry  experts for a dedicated development project on a long-term basis.

3. Team Extension

The team extension engagement model is designed for clients to extend their team with a highly-skilled team with industry expertise required for a very specific development project.

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