UK Global Analytical Intelligence and Software Giant

Rendering a highly-skilled technical team to the client under our IT staff augmentation service.

Project Outline

Team: 4 Experts

Time: Jan 2021 – July 2022

Platform: Web Application Development

Industry: Fintech, Global Analytical Intelligence

Country: UK, India

Services: Staff Augmentation / Extended Team

The Client

The Client is a UK-headquartered global analytical intelligence and software company that provides innovative data and software solutions for alternative investors. The firm was founded in 2005. The company has a revenue of 5 Million USD. The company has a huge clientele in more than 20 countries.


In order to revamp and develop a software product for their SaaS-based offering, the clients required a team of software developers. The client had only 5 months to complete the project due to which they required a highly-trained team of developers without going through the process of hiring and onboarding them.

The company was short of a project manager who could work on designing and developing the architecture as well as defining the systems and processes during the development process. Moreover, It was an uncommon business domain on which the application was supposed to be built. Hence, the client was struggling to find specialist resources.

Expected Solution

Our IT Staff Augmentation service will Offer the client a team of skilled developers and a project manager who together would not only complete the project from scratch and make the software product launch-ready within 5 months of the estimated timeframe.

Keeping the requirements in mind, we offered the client:-

  • Provided 3 Senior Software Engineers and 1 Technical Manager to become the client’s extended team.
  • Technical skills offered were C#, REST APIs, Microsoft SQL Server, Dot Net Core, Azure Cosmos database and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.
  • Mastered the business domain quickly within a limited time period.
  • Set up Agile Methodology across all of their projects.
  • Started managing different teams across different streams.
  • Helped in setting up:
    • Gitflow Workflow
    • Branch Management
    • Pull Request Management
    • Code Conflict Resolutions
Core Values

Our Solution & Procedure


Xorlab’s team was able to deploy the SaaS-based product efficiently within 5 months allowing the client to earn additional revenue by onboarding 3 new clients within 6-7 months of the deployment. The client was awarded a global prize in 2022 for being one of the most innovative technology companies. Moreover, they were one of the finalists in the Drawdown Awards 2022 for technology innovation.