India’s Leading Plastic Manufacturer

One of the top plastic manufacturers reached out to us for support in marketing. Their main concern was that even after four decades in the market, they were not able to establish themselves as a brand. XOR helped them not only in building their brand but also connected them with a wide range of exclusive prospects and decision-makers of top organisations.

Project Outline

Team: 2 Senior Team Members

Time: Feb 2021 – July 2021

Platform: Linkedin

Industry: Manufacturing

Country: India

Services: Profile Optimization, Network Expansion, Creatives and Authority Building

The Client

The company was founded in 1979. They are in the business of plastic injection moulding components, plastic packaging and plastic material handling products. They have two plants; one is in Faridabad and the other one is in Palwal (Haryana). The company specialises in plastic moulding parts for industries like automobiles, consumer goods, healthcare etc.


The client was able to gain enough business through traditional and minimal online marketing on Linkedin, however, after 4 decades of successful business, the client wasn’t able to establish its brand identity online resulting in limited traction on Linkedin and other social media platforms. The client wanted Xorlabs to build its brand identity and increase traction and conversion rate online.

Expected Solution

Our focus will be to create an elite brand image on Linkedin. In order to do so, we’re looking to optimise their profile on Linkedin and the website and analyse the correct targeted audience to target through the right content marketing techniques.

After assessing their profile on Linkedin and other websites, our team of digital marketing worked on the:-

  • Optimising their Linkedin profile using the right detailed description and keywords to gain traction for the right target audience.
  • Do full target audience research and the content required to connect them to other business decision-makers.
  • We fully optimised their Linkedin page to ensure everything was professional and well-managed offering the right brand image.
  • In the end, we commenced posting the right content on the page including articles, blogs, creatives and poll queries.
Core Values

Our Solution & Procedure


With our efforts including heavy content posting, LinkedIn messaging to connections and ensuring relevant connections come in contact with the client, we were able to build a brand image for the client on Linkedin. Linkedin marketing aided the client to understand the relevant audience for their business and how one can reach them without much hassle. Today, the client has been working on developing fresh content for the connections and building a strong relationship with them. It has allowed the client to get enough traction on their website as well and increase their conversion rate from 20% to 55% within the speculated timeframe.