India’s Leading Business Coach

One of the most well-known business coaches, who is also the Founder and CEO of Think and Grow Rich Academy, contacted Xor for LinkedIn marketing. XOR helped him to conduct events through LinkedIn and helped him to increase his reach. We also promoted his idea of “Think and Grow Rich” on LinkedIn.

Project Outline

Team: 2 Senior Team Members

Time: July 2021 – Dec 2021

Platform: Linkedin

Industry: Coaching Industry

Country: India

Services: Profile Optimization, Network Expansion, Creatives and Authority Building

The Client

He is a leading CEO of the “Think & Grow Academy”, exclusively representing the Napoleon Hill Foundation in India. He is a Ranked Chartered Accountant and a gold medalist in MBA. Over the last six years, he claimed the opportunities to conduct programs across the world on the proven principles of success based on the timeless classics – Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.


The client was finding it extremely daunting to work around Linkedin and connect with the relevant audience for their business growth. Linkedin marketing was the only option, however, due to a lack of marketing knowledge and an expert marketing team, the client contacted Xor for help.


Expected Solution

After studying the LinkedIn profile and website of the client, our project head for Linkedin marketing was able to curate a plan with points as mentioned below.

  • There is a need for maximum leads for getting conversion through events and webinars on Linkedin.
  • Regular posting of useful content and creatives was essential to create a brand on Linkedin.

The client’s main focus was to get prospects to be converted to leads. We came up with the idea of conducting an event through LinkedIn as he already had 13k followers. We used to post different types of content on a daily basis. Xorlab’s Social media marketing team invested in designing an event that interests all the client’s followers and offered the right knowledge tips that they were looking for. We sent out personal Linkedin invites to all the connections and potential customers The event was well promoted online on the client’s website and his other social media pages. Linkedin marketing was executed with regular event updates and keeping everyone posted about the event’s content.

Core Values

Our Solution & Procedure


The client was able to gain 65% of traction from already existing connections, while 45% of traction came from potential connections. There was a sudden growth in the followers’ LinkedIn list and connections personally contacted the client for future business. We were able to create an image for the client through regular posting of blogs on the LinkedIn page that took the connections to the website directly. This helped the traction growth of the website as well.