Leading Finance Solution Company, U.S

One of the Payment System giant software Companies reached out to us for support in their product development. XOR provided them with well-equipped and skilled resources which not only helped them in completing that project but also provided support to enhance its features and other developments.

Project Outline

Team: 4 Senior Team Members

Time: Jan 2021 – July 2022

Platform: Jan 2018 – July 2022

Industry: Finance

Country: The United States of America

Services: Payment System

The Client

The client is a US Payment software company that provides Payment software solutions to its clients. The firm was founded in 2002. The company has a revenue of 12 Million USD.


  • The client wanted to develop a new payment software solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing projects.
  • Meanwhile, the client also requested to upgrade the features of the existing software for a better customer experience.
  • They were looking for a team to work on the design and development of an architecture of the software along with handling the team defining systems and processes.

Expected Solution

Xorlab offered the client a well-trained and well-versed team of software developers and project leaders who can handle the project from start to end. The payment software requires attention to detail as well as it needs to be bug-free due to which quality testing and launch are an essential part of the project.

Considering all the important points of the project, we followed and performed the following steps:-

  • Provided 3 Senior Software Engineers, 1 Architect, and 1 Technical Manager to become the client’s extended team.
  • Technical skills offered were C#, REST APIs, Microsoft SQL Server, Laravel, VueJs, and Bootstrap.
  • Mastered the business domain quickly within a limited time period.
  • Set up Agile Methodology across all of their projects.
  • Started managing different teams across different streams.
  • Helped in setting up:
    • Gitflow Workflow
    • Branch Management
    • Pull Request Management
    • Code Conflict Resolutions
Core Values

Our Solution & Procedure


The software development team successfully deployed the SaaS-based software within the speculated timeframe. Its dynamic features, intuitive user interface and responsiveness allowed the customers to navigate through the software seamlessly. The SaaS platform onboarded 4 new customers for the client allowing the client to generate additional revenue within the launch of the platform online.